The artistic and cultural Grand Paris Express will be the expression of youth, creation and urban innovation

Youth first. The new generation is that of the first users of the future metro. The Grand Paris Express belongs to this new generation and the artistic and cultural project must enable people to discover and accompany the talents of tomorrow.

Creation next. From the Saclay plateau to the Fort d’Aubervilliers, from the Seguin Island to Montfermeil, via the Paris airports or the Pleyel neighbourhood, in Saint-Denis, the Grand Paris Express reveals a vast and diverse landscape. The huge wealth of its territories, its inhabitants, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, farmers, artists, and creators must be at the heart of the artistic project. Creation underlines, prolongs and amplifies the transportation network.

Urban innovation, to finish.Because the Grand Paris Express is a project that firmly develops new urbanities. The stations, implementing themselves in the city centres and in the future neighbourhoods, redefine the link with the city and daily mobility. The forecourts, positive boundary zones with the city, will be new living spaces, playgrounds and resting areas with new uses.

The artistic and cultural program of the Grand Paris Express will help build the metropolitan heritage of the 21st century. Appealing to art and artists is considered as much as a process than as an end. The artistic project is here to account for the shared experiences as much as of the contemporary artistic forms."

José-Manuel Gonçalvès, artistic and cultural director of the Grand Paris Express

Building the heritage of the future

From 2024, 16 new unique architectures, innovations linked to the city, the forecourts and the stations themselves – as well as a collection of perennial and mobile visual or performing artworks – will make up a new heritage of the artistic forms of the 21st century.

By 2024, this “Great collection” will be embodied by a recurring and international rendezvous of architecture, public art and urban innovation, the first event of this size on a metropolitan scale linked to a transport network.

Discovering art while using the metro, is a new way of promoting the territory and renewing with the possibilities of encounter between the public at large and artists. The geographic coverage and the speed of the new metro will give easy access to each of the stations, and also to the artistic proposals, to the discovery of a new territory.

The themes of the artistic and cultural 2017-2018 programme articulate short-term and medium-term challenges - the moment of construction - and more long-term - the construction of a new heritage.

By 2024-2025, the main lines will be operational for two important dates for the Grand Paris: the Olympic and Paralympic Games in the summer of 2024 and the Universal Exhibition of 2025.

The artistic and cultural programme inscribes itself in this perspective and will be able to enrich these events. The goal is also to make the Grand Paris a new destination of urban tourism.

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