Concept: one station, one architect, one artist

An unprecedented architecture creates new practices and new landmarks in the city. The architectural gesture akin to each station is accompanied here by a unique artistic offer, coherent with its network.

Public art often represents an access to art as well as an identification of the territory for those discovering it, making it up and living in it. Proposed as part of an original involvement process, the perennial artistic intervention is the fruit of the encounter between two aesthetic worlds: the architect and the artist work as a “tandem”. This close collaboration materialises all throughout the different conception studies of the station, enabling the creation of truly integrated artworks.

To open the programme to a plurality of gazes, personalities invited by the artistic direction are entrusted with the proposal and the supervision of certain tandems. Alexia Fabre, chief curator of the MAC VAL, and Laurent Le Bon, director of the Picasso Museum, are the first two personalities from the art world that will participate.


To create this ”Great multidisciplinary collection”, that is at once local and metropolitan, the programme brings together artists of international renown and figures of young French creation. The first ten collaborations between an artist and an architect will be announced here, and the full set of tandems for the stations and technical centres will be determined by 2019.

Focus on :

Artists :

Several artists, of various origins, globally recognized and coming from the young creation, are currently working on the design of new works marrying the architecture of each station.

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