In collaboration with the architect Philippe Gazeau, creator of the Fort d’Issy-Vanves-Clamart station, the Danish collective SUPERFLEX has conceived artworks on the scale of the site and until the opening of the station. It has called upon the inhabitants’ participation so that each and everyone can be involved in his/her future living space.

On the 4th of June 2016 for KM1, the site specific artwork started to unfold and makes up the first architect/artist tandem.

The ALICE project started with a discovery: drawings made by a six-year-old girl, Alice, on the walls of an abandoned house rue du Clos Montholon in Clamart. Her family had left the house in order for the construction of the Grand Paris Express train station to start. Touched by this encounter, SUPERFLEX decided to takes its inspiration from the tale of Alice in Wonderland as an imaginary link to accompany the transformation from the past, towards the present and the future.

The start of the construction of the Parisian metro and the writing of the book by Lewis Caroll in the 19th century coincide in time. SUPERFLEX brought these two contexts together and proposed a tribute to Alice and to youth, that will contribute to the future of the Grand Paris in a concrete way.