Urban furniture manufacturing and campinois storytelling

The Prisms project of the Parenthèse collective aims to raise awareness and involve the people of Champigny-sur-Marne (campinois) in the ongoing changes in their territory. The collective joined forces with local initiatives to set up a program of actions and workshops, actively involving the inhabitants of Champigny.

From January to July 2018, several meetings were held at the subway house and in the public space, as well as at Louise Michel High School.

Workshops "Satellites" - Manufacture of street furniture in the public space

The Parenthèse collective organized workshops with children from the leisure centers to design small urban architectures that invent new uses of public space. The models and drawings made by the children made it possible to produce four street furniture made in the public space with the passers-by and arranged in the Square of peace and on the Jordan Square.

This work has been made with cultural local structures : Arts en liberté and the Hors Piste company.