Noise & Talks
November 2017 - July 2018

On the site of the future Ardoines train station, the collective Ne Rougissez Pas ! used as a starting point an element that is a focus and a characteristic of the site: noise, and what it generates, as much in the modification of behaviour as in the apprehension of a space. We cannot see what is going on exactly, but we can hear, sometimes until it creates discomfort. The collective chose this subject to open the dialogue and get the attention of the passers-by.

On site for eight months, the collective put the voices, those of the inhabitants and those of the passers-by, in parallel with this noise to unfold a neighbourhood tale that is also a working tale. Using the territory’s archives and combining history and imagination with the passers-by, they revealed the territory’s transformations of yesterday and today. More largely with graphic design and design of urban furniture, Ne Rougissez Pas ! shed light on voices and messages that are not necessarily visible on a daily basis.

With the guiding principle of "Train-train extraordinaire" [extraordinary routine] the idea is to create porosity between the passers-by, the train station users and the workers, and through our techniques and savoir-faire create a common language for both.
Collective Ne Rougissez Pas !

With onomatopoeias covering the construction site fences to raise questions, Ne Rougissez Pas ! was able to create signage using sensorial reading. Playing with the imagination of the construction site, that some like to see as an amusement park, they have developed a poster edition retracing the communication between the site and the train station. With regular work sessions and adopting the fluorescent colours of the building companies, the collective introduced ways in which to hear oneself amongst the noise.