Endowment Fund of the Grand Paris Express

The Endowment Fund of the Grand Paris Express was created to enable private actors to support an ambitious artistic and cultural programme. These 200 km of new metro lines will also allow culture to travel, taking it further and making it move all around. Art and culture participate in the construction of the Grand Paris, we believe in their complementary roles when it is a question of experimenting, innovating and bringing movement to what is static. Getting involved in the cultural programme of the future metro is also a way of giving substance to the new Paris and inviting the inhabitants of the Grand Paris to discover it. In this way, thanks to artistic creation, the Endowment Fund of the Grand Paris Express is contributing to the success of the Grand Paris project and allowing one of its greatest goals to be fulfilled, to give France a new image, an image of a country of social, technological and cultural innovation.

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• Associate the great economic actors to the Grand Paris’ story
• Accompany the urban transformation of the Grand Paris
• Reduce social inequalities when faced with access to art and culture
• Develop new forms of dialogue and social connexion
• Offer to travellers the largest collection of art in the public space in Europe

Funding requirements

On the model of the “artistic 1%”, the Endowment Fund has to raise 32 million euros at the horizon of 2030, of which 16 million by 2024 (based on the train station implementation schedule). The Endowment Fund has already benefited from 5 million euros of donations from private companies over the last 3 years.