On the 4th of June 2016, to mark the start of the work and the artistic and cultural programme, an inaugural day entitled “KM1” (Kilometre 1) was held on the construction site of the future station of the 15 South Line created by the architect Philippe Gazeau: Fort d’Issy Vanves Clamart, where the first civil engineering works of the future station started.

More than 7 000 people from the Grand Paris came, from 2 p.m. to midnight, to celebrate the launch of the work: parades, dance and circus performances, concerts, urban walks, culinary markets, construction site meals, visual creations, interactive innovations, a large popular ball and a DJ set filled this festive day open to all.

Stemming from a dialogue led in concertation with the inhabitants and more than fifty artists, “KM1” inaugurated the artistic and cultural programme of the Grand Paris Express imagined by José-Manuel Gonçalvès and Jérôme Sans.

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