The Société du Grand Paris launched “Innovation Express”, its open innovation programme, whose mission is to exploit and make good use of the innovative base internal to the SGP and for its external ecosystem (start-ups, big groups, students, schools, etc.).

#1 – Innovating project tender

The Innovation programme regularly organises innovating project tenders to bring concrete solutions to the challenges of the Grand Paris Express. The projects that are selected are rapidly experimented, over a maximal period of 6 months, with a limited budget. Four project tenders have already been initiated with the following themes: galvanising the neighbourhood stores and services in the construction phase, reinforcing mobility around the construction sites, innovating in the management of rubble, developing new active, electric and digital movements around the future station poles.

#2 – Young Talents Challenge

The Innovation Express programme wishes to integrate the young and future users of the Grand Paris Express in the co-creation of innovating services. The SGP has opened its doors to young talents from varied academic backgrounds and recruited through internships or work-study contracts, to answer the Grand Paris Express’ challenges. The students in immersion in the Fabrique du Métro offices develop all of the construction phases of an innovating project, from its conception to the tests on site.

#3 – Innovation through purchases

The Innovation process implemented by the Innovation programme and the Direction of Purchases enables the companies responding to the consultations put forward by the SGP to directly propose innovation leads. The idea is to create a more flexible framework in the bill of specifications to operate at the heart of the process and innovate as soon as the contracts are allocated. Some strong-valued proposals requiring more experimentation become part of an “innovation portfolio” and will be tested all throughout the construction site, before being integrated into the standard offer.


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