Programme of the Classes of the Grand Paris Express

The Société du Grand Paris places the participation of youth at the heart of its project as the young Francilians will be the first users of the new metro: the Grand Paris Express. “The Classes of the Grand Paris Express”, a programme destined to youth of all ages, gives rise to the exchanges and sharing with them on a project that is theirs: a project for their future.

Three tasks structure this programme:

  • educational tools to share rich and diversified knowledge linked to the transportation project, namely scientific and technical. Their use is planned for schools and extra-school activities for the younger children. They are developed in collaboration with the Education nationale and broadcast for free to the teachers and education personnel. .
  • cultural and education actions on the territories, in collaboration with local non-profit organisations and educational structures. These actions take on the shape of competitions, guided tours of the sites, educational workshops, in connexion with the artistic and cultural programme of the Grand Paris Express.
  • putting youth in touch with the professions of the Grand Paris Express. Information events are planned to present the professions associated with the construction of the metro.