Mobilise young creation

Generation Express makes the most of this time of construction to let a new generation of talents emerge of artists and creators.

They are invited to create artistic projects in connexion with the territories of the future stations. It is also a programme that favours the involvement of local populations invited to vote for the selection of projects.

The public space is a priority area for the expression of the project tenders linked to contemporary artistic forms: design, choreography in the public space, digital technology, fashion, comic books, culinary art, etc. The first three thematic project tenders will be launched in 2017 and implemented in collaboration with art, design and industrial creation schools of the Grand Paris. The selection of the project tenders will be made by a jury of experts (artists, entrepreneurs, school directors, etc.), then submitted to the public’s opinion. Our actions are aimed at the first users of the the metro of tomorrow: youth. The metro project carries this new generation’s breath, representative of change and diversity. The different actions will be produced and displayed on the construction sites, before some of them take up a more permanent space in the train stations of the Grand Paris Express.

For information: Submissions for applications for the Numéri-Scope call for projects have been completed. Coming : announcement of the winners.

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