The “Designer(s) of design” exhibition outlines the landscape, the diversity, the evolutions and the proposals of French design through designers and their projects.

Identified in collaboration with the figures of contemporary design, this exhibition will present more than 70 designers, their projects, the approach of design within companies, but also the way in which designers create, get involved, share and produce within a diversity of practices.

For Lille Métropole 2020, International Capital of design, the designers Patrick Jouin and Ruedi Baur will present furniture and signage elements imagined for the Grand Paris Express train stations, in this exhibition conceived by exhibition curator Jean-Louis Frechin.

Bringing citizens together in the diversity of the Grand Paris territories, opening up to the world whilst responding to a specific context and local needs, making information and uses accessible to the biggest number, were the important aims of this singular commission to the two designers.

One has to enable any person, in whatever condition he/she is, to be able to use a space. This is why we worked on this benevolence journey concept: a journey where more explanations are given, where one can spend a bit more time but where one is more protected. As well as other spaces where you can be free of information and only have the main elements.
Ruedi Baur – Graphic designer

We are discovering a new system and inventing all the objects that will fill these spaces and help the traveller.
Patrick Jouin – Industrial designer, object designer

Based on the idea of the “sensitive train station” proposed by the architect Jacques Ferrier, Patrick Jouin and Ruedi Baur propose a joint visual and formal vocabulary putting the accent on the physical experience of the traveller. Responding to the new practices of mobility, they have conceived urban furniture and signage that respects the plurality of the bodies and the uses, as well as the waiting times and pauses, the action times and exchanges.