For more than a century, transportation networks have echoed the place of art and culture in the public space. It’s with this legacy in mind that the Société du Grand Paris decided to bestow upon the new transportation network a cultural dimension. The idea is to bring to life a plural and multiform cultural programme all across the 200 km of lines of the Grand Paris Express.

This cultural policy, of an unprecedented geographic and temporal scale, will accompany the different phases of this big project, from the launch of its first construction sites in 2016, until the complete implementation of the network planned for 2030. This approach looks to build an innovative artistic programme, with particular attention brought to the uses, inhabitants and territories crossed by the Grand Paris Express, as well an important involvement of the cultural institutions and creative resources of the Île-de-France region.

The Grand Paris Express’ cultural policy must help the construction sites, followed by the stations and their neighbourhoods, real living spaces to give birth to a new metropolitan heritage, popular and lively, embodying the belonging of each and everyone of us to the Grand Paris.

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