As the largest urban project of Europe, the Grand Paris Express implements all year round an artistic and cultural programme to accompany the construction of 200 km of new metro lines and 68 train stations. Of unprecedented geographic and temporal scale, this approach looks to build a communal heritage, with the Artist and Architect Tandems for example, whilst also generating new relationships with our daily life, as shown by the Shared Sites and the Nomadic Artworks that allow us to thwart the connexion between centre and periphery in the new network and in collaboration with the inhabitants. Used to working with visual artists, graphic designers, choreographers, comics and musicians all the way to the KM, moments of celebration within the construction sites, the Société du Grand Paris wants to continue the dialogue in a period where artists and cultural professionals of the Île-de-France region need support.

With the 2020 circumstances and the sanitary measures that are destabilising the cultural world, the Société du Grand Paris wants to largely support the artists who live and work in the region. With a grant of up to 7,000€, the projects selected by a jury favour encounters between all audiences and the artworks proposed in the public space or in territorial venues of the Grand Paris. Aimed at actors from all creative disciplines, this call for projects looks to first and foremost support singular initiatives, in a subtle and agile way, and in full compliance with the current sanitary measures.


Four big themes are proposed to guide the applicants’ thought process:

The construction site of the century

With more than 200 construction sites undergoing across the Île-de-France territory and two dozen machines creating tunnels underground (the tunnel-boring machines), the construction of the Grand Paris Express inscribes itself, 150 years after the works led by Baron Haussmann, in the history of great construction sites of the French capital. The call for projects will namely question the relationship between art, the public space, construction sites, cities and territories, in order to favour its appropriation by the inhabitants, the stakeholders and the public at large on a local scale, or to participate in the social, urban and landscape insertion of the construction sites in the city.

The metropolis of tomorrow

The arrival of the Grand Paris Express inscribes itself in a project looking to reconfigure new urban centralities, going beyond the strict field of transportation: public spaces, accommodation, activities, venues for encounters. It will transform the neighbourhoods of the new train stations. The call for projects will namely enable the creation of an imaginary world to project oneself in the city of tomorrow or to tell in a sensitive way the story of the transition between old and future train station neighbourhoods.

New mobilities

The Grand Paris Express train stations will favour the increase of more environmentally friendly and sustainable modes of movement and multimodalities, calling for a change of cultures and way of life. The call for projects will namely enable to lay an artistic gaze on the new practices of mobility for the inhabitants of the Grand Paris, whether it be youths, publics with reduced mobility and all the people who roam the metropolis on a daily basis.

The sustainable city

The Grand Paris Express favours the ecological transition of the Île-de-France territory. The project tender will namely mobilise initiatives, driving forces for citizenship, developing a sensitive and critical view on the sustainable transformation of the city, and contributing to the construction of a project for the future that is respectful of the environment.


The proposed projects can:

  • Stem from any creative field: performing arts (theatre, puppetry, circus, street arts, dance, music, literature, song, performance, etc.), writing, photography, video, design, graphic design, visual arts, etc.
  • Be of very different nature: workshops, demonstrations, initiations, performances, artistic installations, interactive artworks, immersive reality devices, etc.
  • Be at different stages of conception or development: new projects, projects currently being written, finalised projects or that have already been presented to the public (reactivations).
  • Be of variable length, can have been presented once or have remakes.

The proposed projects must:

  • Be in free access;
  • Be presented in the limit of the action programme from the 1st of October to the 31st of December 2020;
  • Resonate with one of the four themes of the call for projects: the construction site of the century, the metropolis of tomorrow, new mobilities and the sustainable city;
  • Encourage exchanges with different types of public (residents, workers, collectives and non-profit organisations, inhabitants, schoolchildren, youth, etc.).
  • Be feasible outside, in the public space and close to the route of the Grand Paris Express (parks and gardens, squares, forecourts, courtyards, etc.) or inside a partner institution (cultural venue, public building, health establishment, school, social centre, etc.);
  • Have a connexion with the territories of the Grand Paris Express;
  • Associate a public or private partner based on the territories of the Grand Paris.
The projects will be selected by a jury, on the base of the following criteria: artistic quality, the link with one of the four themes, technical feasibility, compliance with sanitary regulations, the relevance of the partner(s) and the proposed venue(s), financial feasibility and budgetary coherence, attention given to the territories and all audiences, and the full consideration of an eco-responsible approach.

To review the detailed criteria of selection, download the application rules : HERE

How to apply?

The applications must be sent in an electronic version before Tuesday, the 8th of September at midday (Paris GMT+2) to the following address:

The applications must have the following elements:
  • The application form: HERE
  • The simplified provisional budget: HERE

If you wish, you may include an artistic file (.pdf) as an addition to the application form.

Incomplete files or files that are handed in after the deposit deadline will not be able to be processed.


Awarded amount

The applying professional artistic and cultural teams can ask for a subsidy going from 2,000 euros to 7,000 euros per project, financed by the Société du Grand Paris, the Metropolis of the Grand Paris and the Endowment Fund of the Grand Paris Express.

Further informations

Do you want more details on the call for projects? Download the complete file and the application rules

You have questions ? Consult the FAQ or contact us until September 1 at the following address:

Want to know more about the Grand Paris Express? Download "Grand Paris Express, 18 pages to understand everything" or consult the Grand Paris Express website

Launched by the Société du Grand Paris, accompanied by the Métropole du Grand Paris and the Grand Paris Express Endowment Fund, and in partnership with the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Île-de-France, and the Association des Directrices et Directors of Cultural Affairs of Île-de-France, the call for projects "Share your Grand Paris" aims to allow the deployment of a living cultural program around the sites of the Grand Paris Express and to support art professionals and of Ile-de-France culture hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis.