The aim of this call for projects is to select 32 artists for the creation of illustrations on the platforms of 30 Grand Paris Express train stations.

This consultation is about the stations that will be put into service on the horizon of 2024 to 2026, and aims at illustrating and interpreting the territories served by the Grand Paris Express train stations, in a sensitive, metaphorical, even abstract manner, to accompany the 2 to 3 million travellers that will use the new metro.
The artistic creations proposed as part of this consultation will be specifically thought up and created by the artists in order to establish a link between the underground world of the metro and that of the city at the surface.

The consultation is directed at professional authors and artists from all of the fields of comics, illustration, animation cinema and graphic design. Each laureate artist will be entrusted with the creation of illustrations for a train station on a surface of almost 50 sqm spread out over several modules.

The train stations concerned by the call for projects are the following :

  • No.1: Pont-de-Sèvres
  • No.16: Bry-Villiers-Champigny
  • No.2: Issy RER
  • No.3: Fort d’Issy-Vanves-Clamart
  • No.4: Châtillon-Montrouge
  • No.5: Bagneux M4
  • No.6: Arcueil-Cachan
  • No.7: Villejuif Institut Gustave-Roussy (14 Line)
  • No.8: Villejuif Institut Gustave-Roussy
  • No.9: Villejuif Louis-Aragon
  • No.10: Vitry-Centre
  • No.11: Les Ardoines
  • No.12: Le Vert de Maison
  • No.13: Créteil l’Echat
  • No.14: Saint-Maur Créteil
  • No.15: Champigny Centre
  • No.17 : Noisy-Champs
  • No.18: Clichy-Montfermeil
  • No.19: Sevran-Beaudottes
  • No.20: Sevran-Livry
  • No.21: Aulnay
  • No.22: Le Blanc-Mesnil
  • No.23: Le Bourget RER
  • No.24: La Courneuve Six-Routes
  • No.25: Saint-Denis Pleyel (14 Line)
  • No.26: Saint-Denis Pleyel
  • No.27: Aéroport d’Orly (14 Line)
  • No.28: Le Bourget Aéroport
  • No.29: Massy-Palaiseau
  • No.30: Palaiseau
  • No.31: CEA Saint-Aubin
  • No.32: Orsay- Gif
Pm 1 142 142966 8mayjgenpb

How to apply ?

The applications must be sent electronically until 15 September 2021 at 12:00.

For this consultation, the only electronic deposits authorised are on the following address:

The applicants must hand in their full application in one copy, no matter the amount of units that they are responding to, including:

- A Curriculum Vitae presenting career and experiences (diplomas, courses, exhibitions, residencies, publications, grants, awards, etc.). 2 pages maximum.

- An artistic file in the shape of a portfolio of 5 to 10 reference images, accompanied by a short description of the presented images (15 pages maximum). For multimedia documents, indicate the links in this artistic file. 5 pages maximum.

- A statement of intent of one page maximum explaining:

  • the interest of the candidate in this consultation and the project of illustration of territories of the Grand Paris Express;
  • the vision and intention of the candidate to illustrate a territory of the Grand Paris on the scale of the formats planned on the train stations’ platforms, as part of the whole commission;
  • the comprehension of the stakes linked to this operation, and the stakes specifically linked to the territories of the Grand Paris Express
  • potentially, the specific connection with or interest of the candidate in one or several of the territories or cities served by the metro of the Grand Paris Express.

- An application form based on the model supplied in appendix no.1 of the present rules.

All these documents must be supplied in a PDF format.

The program of the consultation

Phase 1: Applications. Each candidate will apply via the platform ( before 15 September 2021 at 12 pm. If any difficulties to acess this platform, the candidates can ask their questions here:

Phases 2: The jury will select 32 artistes and commission them to create an illustration of a territory. The selected artistes will be announced: January/February 2022.

Phase 3: The selected candidates will conceive a draft and do a one-week on-site residency on the territory of the relevant train station (spring to automn 2022). On handing in the draft, the candidate will be paid by the Société du Grand Paris an amount of 5,000€ excluding tax.

Phase 4: The artist will continue the development of his/her artwork and will hand in the digital file for the artwork created for the entire set of compositions of the platform (december 2022 to end of 2023). On handing in the final digital file, the candidate will be paid by the Société du Grand Paris an amount of 10,000€ excluding tax.

Selection criteria

1. Quality of the artist’s career (60%) :

- Relevance of the publications, editions, films, exhibitions, invitations to artistic residencies, etc. (30%)

- Relevance of the artistic creations presented in the file in light of contemporary artistic languages in the field of illustration (30%)

2. Ability of the applicant to understand the challenges linked to the commission (40%):

- Consistency of the applicant’s artistic approach with what is expected as part of the commission: ability to illustrate on a large scale, ability to be understood by the public at large, narrative capabilities (15%)

- Evaluation of the applicant’s motivation in the proposed creative process: one-week residency, meetings with the actors of the territory, ability to develop the artistic commission and integrate modifications (10%)

- Evaluation of the applicant’s ability to take into account the challenges specific to the environment of one or several Grand Paris Express train stations (15%)

The jury

For information and provisional purposes, the jury entrusted by the Société du Grand Paris with giving a preliminary opinion on the choice of illustrators, is made up of the following members:

  • Ruedi BAUR, graphic designer for the Grand Paris Express
  • José-Manuel GONCALVES, artistic director of the Grand Paris Express
  • Thierry GROENSTEEN,historian, theoretician of comics, expository commissioner for the Musée de la Bande Dessinée of Angoulême, teacher
  • Marcel JEAN, artistic delegate Festival International du Film d’Animation d’Annecy
  • Patrick JOUIN, designer for the Grand Paris Express
  • Anne RICHARD, founder and director of the magazine Hey !, exhibition curator
  • Sylvie VASSALO, director of the Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse (Montreuil)

Announcment of the selected artists

The 32 selected artists will be announced bu the beginning of 2022 (january or february)

Additional information

You have questions ? Consult the Q&A or ask your questions at the following adress: If any difficulties to acess this platform, the candidates can ask their questions here:

You want to know more about the Grand Paris Express ? Consult the web site of the Grand Paris Express