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Inscribe your patronage in the history of the Grand Paris. The first signs of transformation have appeared: in the public space, the media, soon in people’s minds. The cultural project of the Grand Paris Express is a major lever to invent and to bring desire to this future under our feet. At a time when the artistic programming is taking shape, you have the opportunity to play a pioneering role in the cultural and social history of the Grand Paris. Build a singular partnership at the heart of a collective adventure that combines creators, builders, companies, artists and civil society. We are convinced that the co-construction of the project with the inhabitants is the key to their commitment. We are therefore attached to associating your business and your teams to all steps of creation of artworks and cultural events that accompany the Grand Paris Express, as part of a tailor-made collaboration in phase with your goals. Create a durable link with the Grand Paris Express project. Because it attests to shared values, your commitment is our source of pride. By joining the Patron’s Circle, you will initiate a dynamic of durable and fertile exchanges with partner businesses and the Grand Paris Express project.

For each patron, a tailor-made proposal of compensation will be offered in the framework of a patronage agreement. You can decide to associate yourself with the entire cultural programme, or to direct your support towards a specific project or train station.


From 50,000 €/year for 3 years

That is to say 20,000 €/year after French tax deduction

Main patron

From 150,000 €/year for 3 years

That is to say 60,000 €/year after French tax deduction

Great patron

From 300,000 €/year for 3 years

That is to say 120,000 €/year after French tax deduction

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