Diversity as a shared identity

Each of the 68 new stations of the Grand Paris Express is created by a different architectural agency, favouring diversity as part of the architectural approach of the Société du Grand Paris. In all, there are 37 architectural agencies that have been chosen among the most renowned and creative in France and abroad.

This original and audacious vision of the city makes diversity a factor of identity: the diversity of the Grand Paris territories therefore calls upon a diversity of architectures. Each station will be part of a whole, and its particularity will be to assert its unity by its diversity and the uniqueness of its architecture.

Stations of the Grand Paris Express

Shared principles for all of the stations

Each station is a unique project that shares a family resemblance with all the other stations. This overall identity looks to build stations that are at once practical and welcoming. The 68 stations of the network share common orientations – implemented by the architect Jacques Ferrier, architectural advisor of the stations of the Grand Paris – as regards to conception, to have the same demands of architectural quality:

  • highlight the station as a public facility settled in its neighbourhood and equipped with services and shops
  • invent shared public spaces
  • unveil the specificities of each territory at which it stops
  • place the future users of the network at the centre of attention
In concrete terms, a series of systems is shared by all of the stations : ambiances, a palette of materials, types of furniture, orientations in regards to lighting or acoustics that, by their conception and the use of the spaces and volumes, highlight the awakening of the senses to facilitate and improve the movements from the city to the trains. This common thread defines practical, comfortable and soothing spaces.
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The Architects of the Grand Paris Express