Summer workshops, in the shade of the trees !

It’s in the Vive les Groues nursery that the Paulownia trees that will decorate the future Grand Paris Express train stations are growing. With great attention at every season, the trees need regular care that involves everyone, beyond the gardeners. All the inhabitants of Greater Paris are invited to take part in plant cuttings and lattice work to train in horticultural techniques, but also participate in the growth of a communal landscape. With the end of lockdown, events are planned this summer to make an assessment of the trees, take care of them and share moments of conviviality.

The next rendezvous : workshops Breather with the artist Thierry Boutonnier, nursery owner and landscape architect Sylvain Gaufillier, gardener Douglas Inman and the COAL team

— The rainbow factory
For four days, workshops will teach volunteers to implement an automatic irrigation system for the 68 Paulownia Tomentosa trees of the Breather project that are located at the Vive les Groues nursery. Workshops with children will also be developed in connexion with the non-profit organisation Les Décliques, to attempt to enable children from 6 to 11 years old to discover concrete and playful solutions to act in a more ecologically responsible manner. A part of the summer internship Champions de l’écologie [Champions of ecology] will also be devoted to the learning of watering techniques.
Workshops : 08 > 11 July, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Artistic performance by the Cie ébullitions : 11 July, form4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

— The follow-on
Breather looks to spread and generate a real urban forest as a memory and matrix of this shared project. The inhabitants of the Grand Paris are invited to participate in this tree cutting workshop of Breather, that will give birth to echo trees, the arboreal subjects of this future forest.
Workshops : 28 > 29 August, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Wasteland with free access for participants: from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Where is it ?
Vive les Groues !
290 rue de la Garenne
92000 Nanterre - France

How to come ?
RER : Nanterre Préfecture (RER A)
Tram : Les Fauvelles (T2)
Bus : Veuve Lacroix (163)

More informations:

Breather project

The people of the cities where the future metro will stop are invited to participate in this artistic and citizen project, by adopting these 68 trees, that will grow in the "Vive les Groues" nursery in Nanterre, owned by Yes We Camp and its partners (TN+, ABCD culture and BVAU), under the close care of a nomadic nurseryman. They will also welcome an "echo tree", a cutting of their witness tress. Combining their energies and their breath with those of the trees, the neighbors witnesses will participate, in the urban nursery Appel d’air [Breather], in the care of the trees, with moments of sharing, learning and conviviality.

As the witness trees will gradually be implemented in the stations, the echo trees will take their place, transforming the nursery into a perennial forest, a collective memory of the construction of the Grand Paris Express.

Adopt a tree!

R%c3%a9seau arbres

Any person, group of people or organization living near a future station of the Grand Paris Express can become a neighbour witness of Appel d'air. The groups must be represented by a reference person and it is not necessary to have a garden at home to accommodate an "echo tree".

Participation in the work begins with an adoption meeting of trees in the nursery "Vive les Groues" with the artist Thierry Boutonnier and the entire project team. This festive moment is the occasion to take the breath of the neighbors witnesses and to transmit to them the echo tree that they will bring home.

People take care of their trees and participate every year at the animation and maintenance of the nursery trees as part of a monthly meeting, three seasonal workshops, a festive time and a time of co-creation.

Every three years, the control trees of the Grand Paris Express are transplanted during a festive moment, with a passage to witness to other inhabitants of Grand Paris, thus creating lasting links between inhabitants and territories.

Witness trees are gradually transplanted at a station during a party, while the "echo trees" join the nursery to became an urban forest.

To participate, contact us at +33 1 75 57 87 63 /