The Grand Paris Express is the largest infrastructure and construction project in Europe: 200 km of metro lines that are automatic and underground, connected to the metro, RER and Transilien lines and 68 new stations that will be built before 2030 with the best contemporary architects.

The project of the Grand Paris Express represents four new automatic metro lines:

  • the 15 line on the ring road, stopping at the inner suburbs of Paris,
  • the 16 line going from Saint-Denis Pleyel to Noisy-Champs,
  • the 17 line from Saint-Denis Pleyel to Mesnil-Amelot that stops at Charles de Gaulle airport,
  • the 18 line from Orly airport to Versailles Chantiers, also stopping at the Saclay plateau.

The scope of its network makes the project a technical, economic, social and cultural challenge. Its implementation will contribute to the attractiveness of the region, while favouring equality of the metropolitan territories and creating, for millions of users, a new way of experiencing their territory and their commuter time.

The Grand Paris Express is developed by the Société du Grand Paris (SGP), a public establishment created in 2010 by the State to implement this new automatic metro.

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